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Survival Lessons by Alice Hoffman

Survival Lessons by Alice Hoffman Stars **** Algonquin Books (2013) Cancer/Health 83 pages Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Summary: Survival Lessons provides a road map of how to reclaim your life from this day forward, with ways to reenvision everything―from relationships with friends and family to the way you see yourself. As Alice Hoffman says,… Read More »

Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman

Stars: *** I read this book for the Book to Movie challenge, Fall Into Reading 2007 and because Alice Hoffman is my favourite author! It’s one of Alice Hoffman’s books for young adults but I didn’t expect it to be so short. I’d read Green Angel which is another of her young adult books but… Read More »

Local Girls by Alice Hoffman

Stars: ***** This book was read for the Beach Blanket Bonanza Challenge. Another awesome book by Alice Hoffman. It’s so hard to explain what it is I like so much about her books. Her writing style is so unlike any other I’ve read. What’s even more interesting with this particular book is that each chapter… Read More »

Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman

Stars: *** This book was read as a part of the Beach Blanket Bonanza Challenge This is the first of Alice Hoffman’s books that I’ve read that I didn’t rate 4 stars or higher. The premise is good, seeing the different people who live in one house over a period of two hundred years. However… Read More »

Green Angel by Alice Hoffman

Stars: *** 1/2 This is one of her young adult novels. It was very strange and quite depressing. The main character loses her entire family to a horrible disaster and she and a lot of other kids are left on their own. I wouldn’t suggest this to any teenager who may be depressed that’s for… Read More »

The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman

Stars: ***** Another great novel by Hoffman. It’s about lightning strike survivors. In it, the survivors have strange side effects or oddities. I’m interested to know if any of it is fact. It’s one of her better novels, kept me captivated. It was shorter though. It was over before I knew it. I don’t know… Read More »

Seventh Heaven by Alice Hoffman

Stars: **** This is the fourth book I’ve read by Alice Hoffman. I have also read ‘At Risk’, ‘Turtle Moon’ and ‘Second Nature.’ If you haven’t read Alice Hoffman before, I highly recommened you start with this one. She tends to write about slightly odd things. Seventh Heaven (and I have no idea why it’s… Read More »