When I Was Young – I’m featured at There’s a Book

You can find out more about me today at There’s a Book. I’m being featured in the When I Was Young feature. Go there and read all about it

Want Your Giveaways Listed Automatically for Others To Find?

Giveaway Scout is a new service. By posting about their service and/or posting their widget, you can add your blog. When you post a giveaway, it will automatically be added to their listing, be emailed to their subscribers and may be linked to from facebook and twitter. If you have a blog that hosts giveaways,… Read More »

Do Nothing But Read Day – How did I not know about this???

Seriously, how did I NOT know about this? Did YOU know about this? Do Nothing But Read Day is held twice a year, June 27 and December 19. So that is what I’ll be doing tomorrow as much as possible. I’ll be reading. I’ll be reading The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy and reading the… Read More »

Got Books? Event – July 23-24

Got Books? is a new event from Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers and There’s a Book. It’s like Blogmania and Blogfest but for Book Bloggers only. If you are a book blogger and you want to host a giveaway during July 23-24 as a celebration of book blogging, head on over to find out the details… Read More »

I’m Getting my Wisdom Teeth Out! – UPDATE

Wisdom Teeth Photo from H4n0 on Flickr I”m getting my Wisdom teeth out today so I won’t be around if anyone tries to contact me but I have scheduled a few reviews to go up in my absence. Wish me luck! UPDATE: There’s been a complication and I can’t have my wisdom teeth out right… Read More »

Mailbox Monday – Apr 26

This is the day when I highlight all the new books that have come into my house since the last time I participated. Mailbox Monday is hosted at The Printed Page. It’s been a month since I did this, that’s why it’s so long: The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook by Jillian Michaels (Random House)The author… Read More »

I’m featured on Scene of the Blog…

Kittling Books hosts an event every week which highlights with photos and text where a book blogger blogs from called Scene of the Blog. Today, I’m featured! So please hop on over there and check it out. You’ll find my working space is different from most of the other ones featured.. see if you can… Read More »