Books News and Fun Articles

Here are some book related news and fun articles I found floating around the net. All text is quotes from the articles.  I will post more book news as I so choose. Reading Is Deep Reading in Trouble?While Mueller loves sitting down with a good book, she may represent a vanishing breed. There is some… Read More »

Book News as of March 9, 2009

Here are some book news I found floating around the net. All text is quotes from the articles. They come from all over the world, not just one country. The 6th article may interest those of you who read author’s blogs and the first two should interest those with Kindles. I will post more book… Read More »

New federal law (U.S.) bans children’s books printed before 1985

I just learned something I thought you all might like to know (at least the Americans): The full article is here, amongst many other places. Some quotes: “Until 1985, it was legal for trace amounts of lead to be used in the inks and paints used in children’s books. But the Consumer Product Safety Improvement… Read More »

Read Kiddo Read

Do your children love books? Or do you have a hard time getting them interested in the idea of reading? Well-known author James Patterson started Read Kiddo Read to help children learn to love reading. Patterson along with his crew (The Read Kiddo Read Board) have put together a website to provide suggestions of good… Read More »