Armchair Bea 2013 (Introductions)

I’m a little late but I’ve been looking forward to participating in Armchair BEA again for a little while. I participated in the very first one but missed last year. My blog has gone through lots of changes in the 8 years since it’s been around. Book blogging in general has really changed too. I… Read More »

Bloggiesta March 2013

I’ve decided last minute to join in the Bloggiesta with some of my book loving friends. I am running my own blog event tomorrow but it’s blogging related so I can do both at once. So here’s my post saying I’m joining in the Bloggiesta. My Bloggiesta To-Do List Write (at least) 2 book reviews… Read More »

Review Copy Cleanup Feb 2013

  I haven’t joined reading challenges in a long time and I don’t plan to get all crazy with them but I DO have review books to catch up on, so why not connect with other bloggers while I do so with the Review Copy Cleanup? This is my official sign up post as well… Read More »

Joining the Wicked Valentine’s Readathon #WWReadathon

I’ve been meaning to catch up on some reading and reconnect with the book blogging crowd and this is a great chance to do so. I am signing up two days in and can’t commit to lots of reading as I have lots of other things I need to do but I do want to… Read More »

24 Hour Readathon – Starting Line

I’m a few hours late starting but I am participating in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon as much as possible today and tomorrow. I do have other things to do and three kids 6 and under running around but I’ll try my best. Here are my answers to Hour 1’s Intro post: 1) What fine part… Read More »

#Bloggiesta Starting Line – Getting #blogging done

I am signed up for the Bloggiesta! It’s a blogging marathon with the majority of participants being book bloggers. It runs all weekend but I will mostly be working on Sunday as I have a busy weekend. I’ve been neglecting this blog and wanted an excuse to get back on track. I have some big… Read More »

Armchair BEA 2011 – Blogging About Blogging

For the last day of Armchair BEA we are talking about blogging. This isn’t my only blog, I also blog at I’ve been more serious over there lately and working on that one more and will be purchasing my own domain and probably moving to WordPress soon. I’ve been doing lots of reading about… Read More »