Just Checking by Emily Colas

Just Checking: Scenes from the life of an obsessive-compulsive Pocket Books (1998) 165 pages Biography/Mental Health Summary: Emily Colas – young, intelligent, well-educated wife and mother of two – had a secret that was getting in the way of certain activities. Like touching people. Having a normal relationship with her husband. Socializing. Getting a job.… Read More »

Surviving Mental Illness by Linda Naomi Katz

Stars: *** Outskirts Press (2012) Biography & Autobiography/Personal Memoirs 117 pages *I received this book for review. The story of how Linda lives through Bipolar was very interesting as I made a few parallels between her experiences and my experiences as I also have Bipolar. There are some books that take me a long time… Read More »

Twisting My Kaleidoscope by Shannon Love

Outskirts Press (2015) Autobiography/Memoir Mental Health Shannon went through her first psychosis episode in middle age when she wasn’t expecting it and didn’t see it coming. She shares her story with us including her diary entries from the time. She has Bipolar 1 but she didn’t know until she went into psychosis. I was hooked… Read More »

January First by Michael Shofield

January First is the story of a child named January aka Janni and her descent into severe mental illness and her father’s attempt to save her. “At six years old, Janni was diagnosed with schizophrenia, one of the worst mental illnesses known to man. What’s more, Schizophrenia is 20-30 times more sever in children than… Read More »