Pink Brain, Blue Brain: How Small Difference Grow into Troublesome Gaps – and What We Can Do About It by Lise Eliot, Ph.D.

Stars: ***** Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2009)432 pagesAdult Nonfiction Summary: From the best-selling author of What’s Going On In There?, neuroscientist Lise Eliot shatters the myths about sex differences, arguing that few are truly innate and that the brains of boys and girls are shaped by how they spend their time. – from Thomas Allen &… Read More »

For Couples Only Box Set by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn

Stars: **** I received this for review through Waterbrook Multnomah. Summary: Since their debut, these revolutionary guides have sold well over a million copies, been translated into fifteen languages, and sparked much fascinating water-cooler conversation around the country. Now together in the For Couples Only boxed set, these books provide the perfect resource to help… Read More »

Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier

Stars: ***** This is by far the BEST book on women I’ve ever read. It has lots of technical stuff so it took a while to read but it wasn’t boring at all. I learned LOTS and I want to get a copy of the book myself to go back to. It even makes me… Read More »

Fast Girls: Teenage Tribes and the Myth of the Slut by Emily White

Stars: ***** Would never have guessed that a whole book could be filled up just talking about sluts. This was a very interesting book. I love books that interview lots of people and include their thoughts so that the book isn’t from just one person’s point of view but from many. From the interviews, I… Read More »