My Story: The Great Plague: A London Girl’s Diary 1665-1666 by Pamela Oldfield

Stars: **** Scholastic Canada (2001)Children’s Historical Fiction156 pagesAges 9-12 Summary: It’s 1665 and Alice is looking forward to being back in London. But the plague is spreading quickly, and as each day passes more red crosses appear on doors. When her own aunt is struck down with the disease, Alice is forced to make a… Read More »

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor

Stars: **** This book was read for the What’s in a Name Challenge (the first one) and the Newbery Project. It won the 1977 Newbery Medal. Summary: Why is the land so important to Cassie’s family? It takes the events of one turbulent year – the year of the night riders and the burnings, the… Read More »

Blossom Culp and the Sleep of Death by Richard Peck

Stars: **** Yes again this is not the cover of the version I have but it was all I could find. The cover pictured here does look more interesting though. I read this book for the What’s in a Name Challenge (the first one). Blossom being the name of a flower. Summary: Teenage psychic Blossom… Read More »

The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

Stars: **** This book was read for the Book Awards, Newbery and Back to History challenges. I thought this book was quite good. It’s the story of Kit Tyler, a teenage girl who leaves her home in Barbados to come live with her Puritan relatives in the Connecticut Colony. You can imagine the culture shock… Read More »