Detour From Normal by Ken Dickson

Detour From Normal by Ken Dickson Stars: **** CreateSpace (2013) 320 pages Memoir Summary:  Despite access to the greatest healthcare in the world, U.S citizens are not immune to medical horror stories. Such was the experience of Ken Dickson, a beloved husband and father and respected engineer, with no history of mental illness. What should… Read More »

Speed Reviews – Mental Illness Memoirs

Some more really old reviews that just never got done. They are short since it’s been a while but if the book sounds interesting, check out the links to other reviews to get a more detailed review. Hurry Down Sunshine: A memoir by Michael GreenbergStars: **** Summary: Hurry Down Sunshine tells the story of an… Read More »

The Psychiatrist Who Cured the Scientologist by Aaron David Gottfried

Stars: **** Pandora Press (2008) Memoir Summary: Step inside the misunderstood world of mental illness and the underground secrets of Scientology in this first-hand account of a walk on the extreme side of both. [In the book], get a look at a life lived not on one side, but in the middle of the battlefield.… Read More »

The Bipolar Handbook by Dr. Wes Burgess, M.D., Ph.D.

Stars: **** Summary: The Bipolar Handbook comprehensively illuminates every area of the disorder by drawing upon the real questions asked by patients and families during the nearly twenty years that Dr. Wes Burgess has worked as a bipolar specialist. So what’s covered exactly? Basics of Bipolar (types, mania, depression, mixed-state, cycling etc….) Healthy Life Changes… Read More »