Frankie The Walk ‘N Roll Dog & Frankie The Walk ‘n Roll Therapy Dog Visits Libby’s House by Barbara Gail Techel

Stars: **** Joyful Paw Prints (2008) Summary: A true, inspirational story about a dachshund whose life started out just like any other dog walking on all four paws until a spinal injury leaves her paralyzed. Frankie is custom-fitted for a wheelchair and learns to keep on rolling. Her zest for life will have you cheering… Read More »

Houdini’s Gift by Jeanne Gehret, M.A.

Stars: ***1/2 Children’s Picture BookVerbal Images Press (Sept. 2009)ISBN: 978-0-9821982-2-332 pages Ages 7-9 Summary: Animal-loving Ben feels sad and guilty when he loses his beloved hamster. Knowing that he is not quite ready to care for a new pet, his parents help him develop responsibility by using a reward chart. Observant readers will enjoy sharing… Read More »

Eagle Eyes: A Child’s Guide to Paying Attention by Jeanne Gehret, M.A.

Stars: **** Children’s Picture BookVerbal Images Press (Sept. 2009)ISBN: 978-0-9821982-1-632 pages Ages 7-9 Summary: Ben is fascinated with nature, but his ADD causes trouble at home and at school. The hallmarks of ADD – impulsivity, distractibility, and hyperactivity – as well as difficulties sleeping, are clearly shown, not told, in this story. Several commonly-used treatments… Read More »

The Don’t-Give-Up Kid and Learning Disabilities by Jeanne Gehret, M.A.

Stars: ***1/2 Children’s Picture BookVerbal Images Press (Sept 2009)ISBN: 978-0-9821982-0-932 pages Children 7-9 Summary: Alex wants a cookie. If he could just read the directions on his mother’s grabber device, he could adapt it for his own use! School difficulties and a session with a psychologist help identify Alex’s learning disability. His teacher and parents… Read More »

A Child’s Journey Out of Autism by Leeann Whiffen

A Child’s Journey Out of Autism: One Family’s Story of Living in Hope and Finding a Cure by Leeann Whiffen Stars: ***** Sourcebooks (2009) 339 pages Memoir/Special Needs Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Summary: When Clay Whiffen was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, his parents didn’t know where to turn. They refused to believe… Read More »

Ian’s Walk: A Story about Autism by Laurie Lears

Stars: **** This is a children’s picture book that can be read to siblings of kids with Autism or to other children without Autism to help them better understand it. Every Autistic child is different just like every non-Autistic child is different but this book will still give you an idea and if an adult… Read More »

Three Short Children’s Book Reviews

Silly Faces: See Me on the Farm (board book) Stars: ****It’s a mirror book, which means you read, then hold the book up in front of your (or your child’s) face and look in mirror and it’s a farm animal with your face. Really cute and kids love it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rolling Along with Goldilocks and… Read More »