Nursing in the 90s (Nurses: The Human Touch)

Nurses: The Human Touch by Michael Brown, RN (Review)

Stars: ★★★★☆ Ivy Books (1992) Interviews/Life Stories 318 pages Synopsis: “Registered nurse Michael Brown has interviewed over fifty practicing nurses, spanning forty-one states and most nursing specialties. …he takes you to the front lines of his profession, where split-second, life and death decisions are made very day. You’ll experience firsthand the combat like tension of […]

Ebook Piracy

This post on ebook piracy may contain affiliate links I had no idea e-book piracy was a problem but then again, it makes sense. Movies are pirated, music is pirated, why not ebooks? Piracy means selling or giving away illegal copies. Some people might not understand that making a copy of an ebook and giving […]

4 Organization Tips for Book Reviewers

4 Organization Tips for Book Reviewers | SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews

Read Sleep Repeat has a Bloggiesta mini challenge on Productivity and Organization and as part of it, she encourages us to share our tips on our blog; read on for some Organization Tips for Book Reviewers.  © Serrnovik | 4 Organization Tips for Book Reviewers Have an In/Out Sheet for books if you get […]

Spring Bloggiesta–I’m Joining In!


I’ll be joining in the Spring Bloggiesta as much as I can with 4 kids including a newborn this weekend. I run a blogging marathon and other events as well but I never get much done on my own blogs because I’m busy running them! So this is my chance to get caught up on […]