What Language Is (And What It Isn’t And What It Could Be) by John McWhorter

**Giveaway Here!** Stars: **** Penguin Group USA (2011)Nonfiction – Linguistics240 pages Summary:An eye-opening tour for all language lovers, What Language Is offers a fascinating new perspective on the way humans communicate. From vanishing languages spoken by a few hundred people to major tongues like Chinese, with copious revelations about the hodgepodge nature of English, John… Read More »

Teacher’s Gotta Dance by Philip M. Fishman

Stars: *** 1/2 Createspace (2010)Memoir200 pages Summary: At 66, Philip Fishman decides he wants to become a teacher. This is the story of his (very) short lived career. It’s a memoir of that choice and that adventure and where it lead him. It’s also the story of what he learned during his few weeks as… Read More »

Homework for Grownups: Everything You Learned At School and Promptly Forgot by E. Foley & B. Coates

Stars: ***** Harper Collins Canada (2010)Canadian EditionNonfiction432 pages Summary: Homework for Grown-ups is a brilliantly informative and entertaining book of old-school knowledge for adults. It is the ultimate refresher course on mathematics (remember Pythagoras’ theorem? You will!), English grammar and literature (do you know your Margarets?), and chemistry and the sciences (including the big bang… Read More »

Speed Reviews – Adult Nonfiction

I have a bunch of books that just never got reviewed and I want to start fresh ASAP and review books within a week or two of reading it at the most. So I need to catch up on these reviews. Considering I read these over a year ago, I may not remember enough for… Read More »