The Angry Book by Theodore I. Rubin, M.D.

The Angry Book by Theodore I. Rubin, M.D. Stars: *** Simon & Schuster (1969) Self-Actualization/Self-Help General 216 pages Summary:  Don’t get even — get mad, and get over it! When your love life is boring, maybe you don’t fight enough? When sex leaves a person cold, is frozen anger the problem? If you work too… Read More »

Aim True by Kathryn Budig

Aim True: Love Your Body, Eat Without Fear, Nourish Your Spirit, Discover True Balance! (With more than 85 delectable recipes and 100 yoga poses) Harper Collins (2016) **** Stars Health & Fitness 322 pages Affiliate Links Included. I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are honest. Aim True merges lots… Read More »

Szen Zone by Gary Szenderski

Szen Zone: Reaching a State of Positive Change *** Finger Touch Books (2015) Self-Help I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are honest. Summary: Whereas ZEN is of the moment and what is, SZEN celebrates what could be. The SZEN ZONE – Reaching a State of Positive Change contains lighthearted… Read More »

Happy Habits by Vicki Morris

Subtitle: Energize Your Career and Life in 4 Minutes a Day Stars: ***** Inspired Work (2015) Happiness/Career 170 pages Summary: Have you been looking for something new like a new job, a new company or a new career to make you happier and still feel the same a few months after you get it? If… Read More »

Rest Assured by Vicki Courtney

Subtitle: A Recovery Plan for Weary Souls Stars: ***** Thomas Nelson (2016) Christian Life/Women’s Issues 215 pages Summary: Women are overcommitted, overconnected, overburdened, and overwhelmed. Their lives are full, but oddly, their souls are empty. They are aching for a bold challenge—one that will bring rest to their longing souls. Rest Assured is for the… Read More »

Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin

Stars: &#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733 Three Rivers Press (2012) Self Help – Happiness 320 pages A copy of the book was sent to me for review. How the book came to me does not affect my opinions of the book or my reviews. Synopsis: From the author of The Happiness Project. “[…] “Of all the elements of a… Read More »

Your Name Here: Guide to Life by Michael Rosenbaum

Stars: **** Summary: Life lessons from people like you. Cops and psychologists, bureaucrats and salesmen, lion tamers and morticians…everybody’s got a story to tell and a life lesson we can take to heart. In the Your Name Here Guide to Life, you’ll meet all kinds of accidental teachers from balloon boy to Mother Teresa and… Read More »