Updated as of April 2013


If you have a question or comment about books or my site, I’d love it if you’d contact me.

I am CURRENTLY only accepting new books from the PR companies, publishers and such that I am already working with.  I am currently getting MANY review pitches a day and I just cannot accept much more right now. I do not have time to respond to every review request at this time either, sorry. The ONLY exception to this is if the book is related to blogging or social media.

I AM accepting guest posts but ONLY if they fall under these criteria:

  • May ONLY link to another (non-company) blog. It’s okay if you monetize your blog or sell your own products/services, but it must be a blog first and foremost, not a company website with a blog attached.
  • It MUST be related to nonfiction books, literacy or related themes.
  • It MUST be unique content, not posted ANYWHERE else.
  • It MUST be well written with proper spelling/grammar, at least one image you have permission to use and properly formatted.

(If you are pitching a product or service that is not book related, please pitch me through Callista’s Ramblings instead)


You can contact me at