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I used to do reading challenges all the time but stopped doing them and now I’d like to get back to them. I even ran a bunch way back when (I’ve been blogging for 15 years.) This post shows which challenges I’ve signed up for and I’ll be adding a list of books read as I read them.

Reading Challenges On My Blog



2019 Discussion Challenge2019 Book Blog Discussion Challenge – by Feed Your Fiction Addiction and It Starts at Midnight

I found this one in November of last year but I love it already. I’ve been meaning to add more discussion posts. I’m aiming for Chatty Kathy level as I want to do 2/month which would be 24.

So the point of this is to add more discussion posts to your blog about books, reading etc.

January: Dear Library…

Learning Something New 2019 Reading Challenge - check it out!Learn Something New Challenge – by Me!

Pick a topic you don’t know much about and want to know more on. Read at least 3 books on the subject.

This is my way to encourage more nonfiction reads.

I’m not 100% sure what my topic will be yet. I’m still thinking.

Read My Name

Read My Name – Hosted by Me!

Read an author/character/place name that is the same as your first/middle/last/maiden/nick name.

You choose your required # of books. I’m going with 1 for the year because I don’t buy books or use the library very much. I’m not picking the book ahead of time.

Mental Health Reading Challenge – by Whatever I Think Of

Any mental health books I read will count towards this. There is no specific number I need to read or anything.

As a nonfiction blog and sufferer of mental illness, I read a lot of books that would fit this topic.


  1. Finding Your Bipolar Muse



Memoir Reading Challenge – by Whatever I Think Of

I normally read a lot of memoirs too. For this challenge, I must read at least 5 memoirs but they must all fit into a different of the categories listed.

Looking forward to this.


  1. Two Years of Wonder (Mental Illness Memoir)
  2. Beyond the Pale (Other Illness Memoir)


Creativity Reading Challenge – by Whatever I Think Of

A quote from the blog to show you what this challenge is for:

“This challenge is about reading books on creativity, art, crafts, writing, film making, photography, cosmetology, DIY, cooking, music and any other topic that helps you live a more creative life.”


  1. DIY Henna Tattoos


What an Animal Reading Challenge 2019What an Animal Reading Challenge 2019 – by Socrates’ Book Reviews

This is all about reading animal books of course. I am doing Level 1 which is read at least 6 books.

I love books about animals. Nothing planned yet but I’ll add them as I read them.


The Backlist Reader ChallengeThe Backlist Reader Challenge – by The Bookwyrm’s Hoard

This challenge is about reading books that have been in your TBR list or pile for a long time (published 2017 or earlier) I have a lot of those in my bookshelves so I’d like to work on getting some of them read.

I will pick as I go from my shelves.

  1. Designed by God (2016)
  2. Nourishing Your Daughter (2001)

2019 Bookish Resolutions ChallengeBookish Resolutions Challenge – by Because Challenges

This challenge is about making your own resolutions related to book blogging, reading or writing. You make 3 or more resolutions and work towards them all year. My goals:

GOAL: Read 2 Fiction Books in 2019 (this sounds too easy till you realize I haven’t read adult fiction in 7 years!)
GOAL: Read 100 books in 2019 (I used to read over 200/year but lately it’s been barely 50)
GOAL: Read 1 Book/Month that is NOT a review book (I mostly read books I get for review)

Fiction Books:

At least 1 book/month that is not review book

January: Nourishing Your Daughter

Diversity Reading ChallengeDiversity Reading Challenge – by Lukten av trykksverte

This challenge includes the following as diversity: People of colour, Indigenous people, LGBTQIA, Transgender people, Refugees, Religious minorities, Mental illnesses, Neurodiversity (like ADD and autism), Feminist themes/issues and Physical/mental disabilities

I won’t be including mental illnesses in this challenge because I’ll be including it in the mental illness challenge above. There is no strict rules (how I like my challenges) so I’ll be adding books as I read them.

  1. Beyond the Pale (Albinism)

Indie Challenge - Read More Independently published books#IndieChallenge – by Ninja Book Box

This challenge is obviously about reading more books by independent publishers or self-published books. I review a lot of those here already so why not?

There is a bingo card and the instructions say to pick a line to aim for or try for the whole card. I read what I get for review, not picked by me so I’ll just fill in the card as I read and see if I get a line by 2020.

Here’s the card and I’ll add in books I’ve read below as I read them.

Indie Challenge Bingo Card


Marginalized People – Two Years of Wonder


Nonfiction Book Bingo – from Reading in Winter

This is a laid back personal challenge that anyone can join in on so there isn’t strict rules or giveaways or checkins or even signups. But I love me some nonfiction!

Nonfiction Book Bingoa book that’s been made into a movie –
a self-help title –
a title by an indigenous author –
a biography –
a title by a Canadian author – Beyond the Pale
a Baillie Gifford award winner –
a celebrity or public figure memoir –
a true crime title –
a title by a person of colour –
a book about science & technology –
a book about feminism –
a book about nature or the environment –
free space –
a 2019 release – Girl, Stop Apologizing
a book about parenting or relationships –
a book on religion or spirituality – How to Grow
a pre-2000 non-fiction title –
a book about a medical condition – Two Years of Wonder (AIDS)
a title that was a 5-star read for a friend –
a book about travel –
an essay collection –
a book about food, wine, or cooking –
a book set outside of North America –
a Goodreads winner (from any year) –
a non-fiction book that has been translated –