Life’s Little Rituals by Alexandria

Stars: ****1/2 A very neat book of rituals for any and every occasion from first tooth to first blood to first job to sibling leaving home to divorce to death and everything in between. Morning and Bed routine, laundry ritual , new car, new roomate, decision to live together, pregnancy, home alone, graduation, beginning of… Read More »

What No One Tells the Bride by Marg Stark

Stars:*** This is the first book I have read for brides-to-be or even about weddings (with the exception about homosexual ones) but it was a good first read. The only problem with it is that there are those of us like me who are engaged but are not only living together, but own the house… Read More »

Lesbian and Gay Marriages by Suzanne Sherman

Stars: **** I got this book because I am interested in society and how differences in humans make differences in society. I am straight myself but and I enjoyed reading these stories. I didn’t know that there were Lesbians and Gays who do NOT want marriage legalized for gays. I learned a lot about the… Read More »