Till Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Married Sex Irresistable by Dr. Trina E. Read, D.H.S. + Giveaway

This week is all about SEX! You can read more here but check back every day this week for reviews and giveaways.  Stars: ****1/2 Summary: Cliché has it that, once the I do’s are spoken the sex-life slowly diminishes. Dr. Trina Read presents a brilliantly simple explanation for this unfortunate phenomenon, as well as the… Read More »

The Week With No Name – April 19-25, 2010

I know you’re wondering, WHAT is The Week With No Name? It’s the newest “event” on this blog. During April 19-25, 2010 I’ll be posting reviews and giveaways of books related to Sex. WAIT! Don’t run away. Please keep reading. Don’t worry, each review will not go in to very much detail because there are… Read More »